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Photos from a mini meet

Attended a mini  maxi meet last March 24. But just finished sorting the photos today. I'm not really happy with how most of the photos turned out. I wasn't able to take a group photo too. >.< It was nice meeting more MM members and their dollies. I'm still not too familiar with everyone. I hope I'll be able to attend more meets in the future. 

Onion and Tomato insisted on tagging along. I couldn't resist their cuteness so I ended up bringing them. :)

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Merry Christmas, everyone. ^_^ Have a wonderful time with your families and friends. :)

A Christmas Greeting

Santa on a Bike

A mini-meet with Hans and kids.

I met Hans today to hand him the Kermit frog hat that he asked me to make. He brought his handsome, Sev and his adorable, Yon. ^_^ I brough Owen and Henri with me. :)

A group photo.

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Halloween Meet

This is the first official MM meet that I've attended. I was really overwhelmed with the number of dollies. They're all so pretty with well made costumes. *guilty mode* I brought my dollies with me but only one of them is wearing a costume. ~.~

Because I was too overwhelmed with the dollie attendees, I wasn't able to take all of their photos. ~.~ And most of the photos I took were mostly head shots. >.<

Group Photo
L-R: Owen, Faolan, Bituin, Ringo, Henri, Riko and Ewan.
They look as if they are posing for a teen-oriented TV show. XD

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Happy Halloween

I'm back from the grave. XD Sorry for not being so active lately. My camera broke down and it made me really sad. It's still in the service center but lucky me, my mom bought me a new one. Yay! I was camera-less for a month. I really missed taking dollie photos and kitty photos. :) So here's Lucky greeting everyone a Happy Halloween! ^_^

Making of a Star

He's wearing his not-so-new-halloween-themed-shirt and a wig from one of my Dals. I think it will be his wig from now on. XD

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Anime Figures

I finished sorting my other photos from the Otaku Expo but I keep on forgetting to post them. >.< These photos are anime figures. I'm already behind all the latest anime so I really can't identify most of them. XD 
Out of the photos I took only 7 came out okay. -_- 

This is one of my favorites. Too bad it turned out dark and grainy. :( I just love how the light reflection on the glass added some sort of effect to this photo. ^_^
Black Rock Shooter

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New Faces

I finished making Ringo's face up and re-did Ageha's last week. Also took their photos as well as Owen's who recently returned from her trip. :)

On with the photos :DCollapse )

Happy, Happy Day ^_^

Yey! Today is a happy, happy day. :)

Look who finally showed up.


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Yay! The weather finally cooperated with me so I was able to go to Otaku Expo today and met Ricci again after 3 years! I also met Nixx and Arvie and their dollies. ^_^

Here are some dollie photos that I took today. I took so many but others were bleh especially may group shots. -_- Please ignore my watermarks. XD And Please correct me if I misspelled their names.

Riko and Henri look so small next to SDs that's the reason why Henri looks like she wants to go somewhere else. XD On the other hand, Riko looks like she's enjoying her time.

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Hello, World!